Follow these rules to be a great parent

A joint NAHT and Family Action Partnership campaign, being backed by the Government, aims to raise parents’ awareness of their role in children’s learning – something we at Rockfig are very keen on.

The guide, which will be distributed by schools, tells parents to:

• Praise your children’s efforts and let them know it is “okay to make mistakes”

• Listen to your child and show them that you value their views and opinions;

• Help your child understand about a balanced diet and the importance of eating fruit and vegetables to keep them fit and healthy;

• Let your child help with baking and preparing family meals so they understand about food;

• Encourage children to exercise for 30 minutes a day and adopt at least one hobby involving physical activity, such as dance, swimming or football;

• Get out and about as a family, including playing tag in the park or going for a bike ride;

• Think twice before lighting up cigarettes in front of children;

• Talk to children about the “importance of personal hygiene, such as showering regularly, having clean PE kit and using deodorant when they need to”;

  • Tell your child that you love them every day

My thoughts:

Things like this make me realise how lucky I was to have had a good parent as a role model.  All of this seems like common sense to me ( although of course I’m not claiming I always achieve it!). Sadly many children are brought up in households where their parents didn’t get such good advice from their own parents. I just wonder if that advice can be replaced with a leaflet.



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