How Rockfig helps you meet the challenges of flipped learning

Flipped learning is on the rise.

According to recently released research from the Speak Up National Research Project, flipped learning is surpassing all other digital trend in US schools and is growing in popularity in the UK too.

What is flipped learning?

In a nutshell, it’s ‘using videos as homework while using class time for more in-depth learning such as discussions, projects, experiments, and to provide personalised coaching to individual students.’



The research found that:

  • Among district administrators, 25 percent identify flipped learning as already having a significant impact on transforming teaching and learning in their district, surpassing other trends such as educational games and mobile apps (21 percent). An additional 40 percent of administrators said they were interested in their teachers “trying flipped learning” this year (2014)
  • One out of six maths and science teachers are implementing a flipped learning model using videos that they have created or sourced online
  •  Almost one-fifth of current teachers have “learning how to flip my classroom” on their wish list for professional development this year
  • 75 percent of middle and high school students agree that flipped learning would be a good way for them to learn, with 32 percent of those students strongly agreeing with that idea

But what are the challenges of flipped learning?


Students may not have internet access at home  – but with the ever increasing number of students with smart phones this challenge is slowly diminishing.


Teachers need to know how to ‘best use’ the additional classroom time – but with support, shared experience and appropriate professional development this challenge can be overcome.


Teachers may need help finding the high quality, age and curriculum appropriate videos they need to give to their students for homework – and that’s where Rockfig comes in!

Rockfig has been created to help Teachers, Students and Parents find and share the web’s best learning resources for 11-18 year olds – and it’s FREE.

So if you know of a great resource that might help those wanting to flip their classrooms, please share it on Rockfig and help overcome this challenge.

And don’t miss out on our offer to find resources for you!
Find out more in this blog post.


We’d love to hear about your opinions on and experiences of flipped learning so please get in touch.

Here are a few links if you’d like to find out more:




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