Should parents on the school run have a dress code?

I had to smile when I recently saw one of the mums at my daughter’s school, dropping off her child whilst wearing her pyjamas and slippers. It turns out they had overslept and subsequently decided that wearing pyjamas was better than her daughter getting a late mark in the register.

So does it really matter what parents wear on the school run?

Dr. Rosalind Osgood, School Board Member at a Florida High School thinks it does. She has recently suggested that there should be a dress code for parents. This follows the arrival of children at school with some parents in hair curlers, and others wearing baggy trousers that expose their underwear. She believes that parents should lead by example and arrive at school dressed appropriately.

So what do you think? Is it OK for working Mums like Colleen Rooney to drop the kids off whilst wearing rollers? Perhaps…

And what about baggy trousers and exposed underwear? Mmm…I think Dr. Rosalind might be right.


Colleen Rooney









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