Do you have a photographic memory?

Those with a photographic memory must be at a huge advantage when it come to learning and revision, but are you one of them?

The Open University and ‘The Bang Goes The Theory’ Team ( BBC ) have come up with this ‘Photographic Memory Test’ so you can find out if you’re one of the lucky ones by answering the 10 questions.

My results
Sadly I failed – but that’s not surprising as I’ve spent my whole life using numerous strategies to drill things into my head ready for an exam, only to forget the whole lot the day after ( I’m the one you really don’t want on your pub-quiz team ). But of course things like Google ( and now Rockfig) are my saviour and now I can proudly say ‘I don’t have to remember it – I just Google (Rockfig) it!’.

I love the words below but not sure I’ll ever remember to quote them.


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