Why I love school texts

I’m sure many of you’ll agree, that the text messages that schools send to parents, have become invaluable – keeping us informed, saving us time and helping those of us ( …ok me) who struggle with getting PE kits in on the right days.

Of course they have their serious side too. The one below was sent to thousands of parents across Manchester a while back, after a man tried to snatch a child as she walked to school. Police and schools alike now see this direct communication route to parents as invaluable.

Warning texts

But is there anything that shouldn’t be sent to parents in a text?
Bournville Primary School in Weston, recently sent a text to parents asking them to get in touch if any of their children were adopted. The move came after the Government revealed it’s plan to make pupil premium payments of £1,900 per pupil available for adopted children from reception to year 11.
I wonder if this should have been dealt with more sensitively, but the Head’s argument was that parents respond far better to texts than anything else, and he has a point; figures show that 95% of texts are read within the first 5 minutes after they’re received.

But getting back to why I love school texts: Firstly they let me reminisce as they remind me of the things I used to deal with when I was a teacher myself, and secondly amongst the many (and boy there are many!) a few are gems that make me smile:

‘A boy in Year 5 has lost a Clarks left shoe’

‘Today is the last chance to order real eggs’  ???

‘Match is cancelled due to bad weather’   – I’ve had this one 12 times since Christmas 🙂

‘Head lice are present in your child’s class’ – 6 times this school year

And probably the most important text I’ve had this year and my favourite: ‘ Its fish fingers on Friday instead of fish-cakes’.

So I highly recommend that when you’ve got nothing better to do, scroll through your school’s texts  – and please share the gems.



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